Spring Programming Ideas

Spring Movies

Women’s History Month


Do you have leaders of past and present in your community that should be celebrated? Women’s History Month is the perfect time to bring your community together to remember the impact that women have had in history. Coordinate your event with movies like Becoming Jane, Julie & Julia or Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Earth Day

(April 22, 2013)

Plan a recycling or community clean-up event and end the day by watching No Impact Man, The 11th Hour or Wall-E. Invite a local environmental expert to speak about the positive impact that steps like these will make for the Earth.

Cinco de Mayo

(May 5, 2013)

Break out the piñata and chips and salsa for a fun celebration of the 1810 Mexican victory over the French! Make sure to include La Bamba and Selena as part of your program.

Mother’s Day

(May 12, 2013)

Celebrate Mother’s Day with lunch and a movie. Great movies like Freaky Friday, Georgia Rule and Because I Said So will be a welcomed addition to your relaxing afternoon activities.


Work with your local science club or nature center to discover the outdoors. Go on a hunt for bugs, leaves and other elements of nature. Then, show A Bug’s Life, How to Eat Fried Worms, The Ant Bully or other bug movies to wrap up the night.


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